MAD ROAD RAGE 2017 and IDIOT DRIVERS (Mexican edition) – Road Rage Caught on Camera (with Eng. subs)

MAD ROAD RAGE 2017 and IDIOT DRIVERS (Mexican edition) - Road Rage Caught on Camera (with Eng. subs)
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MAD ROAD RAGE 2017 and IDIOT DRIVERS (Mexican edition) – Road Rage Caught on Camera – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!

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  1. Yeah, may be road rage but the majority of these motherfuckers are fucking wimps, dude in the white mini van and his dad would have both been fucked up, then I would have taken his wife and daughter home and screwed them both

  2. Lo que no entiendo es por qué abundan los pendejos que se creen gringos con sus pinches expresiones mamonas "oh, shit"… qué es eso? se dice, puta madre…. putos wanna be lol

  3. Mexico is as fun as Russia… the diference is that here, only a few drivers have Dashcam, most fun accidents aren't recorded by Dashcam because everything is stolen hahaha

  4. Pretty much how they drive when they come over here to the US.
    Not even bothering to fucking signal when changing lanes or looking in both directions for that matter.

  5. Si shofer I vjeter dhe I rregullt qe jam skandalizohem me veprimet jo llogjike te ketyre shoferave neper bote ne vecanti ne Rusi. Po nga ligji nuk kan frike, se keto jane edhe shtete te konsoliduara.Po ndergjegje dhe keq nuk i vjen per familjen qe kane ne makine ?! Me jemi ne SHQIPERI me pak kulture trafiku dhe kurre nuk kemi raste kaq IDIOTE .

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