This Dog is Trippin: Fails of the Week (October 2018) | FailArmy

This Dog is Trippin: Fails of the Week (October 2018) | FailArmy
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Happy Friday! We have a fresh batch of fails for you! This week we have a weird dog, a face plant in the sand, and more! Sign up for The Flop here:


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Girl Attempts to Ride Cow and Gets Knocked Off
Paddleboarding Grandpa Falls Trying to get Back Into Boat
Little Girl Remains Calm After Dog Eats Her Ice Cream
Girl Falls After Popping Wheelie on a Minibike
Girl Faceplants in Sand While Running Downhill
Guy Flips over Mountain Bike and Faceplants
Guy Balancing on Pipe Slips and Faceplants Ground
Girl Inflates Condom Over Her Head Then Pops It
Guy On Surfboard Ride Falls and Knocks Over Child
Driver Alerts Motorcyclist His Helmet Is on Backwards
Guy Faceplants While Drifting on Longboard
Grandma’s Surprise Visit Goes Wrong
Woman Falls off Skateboard in Empty Pool
Pitcher Gets Hit In The Crotch With Baseball
Woman Struggles to Take Out Trash
Guy Breaks Scooter in Half After Failed Rail Grind
Toddler Gets Stuck In Toilet After Copying Big Sister
Lady Slams Medicine Ball into Face While Exercising
Dad Gets Stuck on Slide
French Bulldog Gets Stuck in Soccer Net
Guy Faceplants After Failing to Bike up Tree
Person Scares Friend in Bathroom With Creepy Doll Mask
Deer Runs Across Field During Touchdown at Football Game
Man Falls While Dancing on Chair
Shocked Dog Stares into Space While Chewing on Bone
Toddler Accidentally Pours Glass of Wine Over Face
Mom and Daughter Terrified of Huge Spider in Bathroom
Group Pretends to Row Boat Down Moving Walkway at Airport
Little boy Annoyed at Being Woken up With Birthday Song
Little Girl Frightened by Dog House Halloween Decoration


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  1. at 2.40 that lad is 100% shagging that doll. Thats why is was all pissed of when they woke him up.
    he was saving that morning glory for birthday sex with the doll.

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