Police Dashcam – Cops vs Stupid Drivers #74

Police Dashcam - Cops vs Stupid  Drivers #74
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Police Dashcam – Cops vs Stupid Drivers – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. "Reckless. Right through a stop sign. Reckless driving. He's gonna blow right through it again. Reckless driving. He's speeding. HE'S GETTING AWAY, HE'S GETTING AWAY! He crashed."

    – Cop doing his best helicopter reporter impression

  2. idgaf what you did, running from the cops makes zero sense. They're gonna catch you. Unless you're already facing life/death penalty, running is just gonna get you in 2x as much trouble.

  3. I'd just like to say, if you're ever that last guy, don't go to pull your pants up before getting on the ground.
    He's pretty lucky he didn't get a barrage of bullets in him.

  4. Wen die von polizei abhauen und die verfolgt werden warum crashen die nicht einen Autofahrer? Die werden so oder so geschnappt und so hätte ein zufälliger Zivilist an falschen ort zur falschen zeit ein beschädigtes auto oder sogar selbst verletzt

  5. Those US police cars suck! They have trouble catching Hondas, Corollas, etc – GET SOME VEHICLES WITH PERFORMANCE MOTORS, NOT THAT AMERICAN CRAP! Couldn't pull the top off of a steak pie!! AND those fat cops – too many donuts.

  6. I don't come here for Police Chase stuff, other channels have that well and truly covered, so why are you doing it????

  7. Is it mandatory to stop if you want to let a police car pass in the US? Coz the way people make way looks incredibly dangerous to me, instead of moving over and keeping their speed, drivers tend to slam their brakes, forcing police into some risky maneuvers

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