Hope For Paws fans joined me on a late night rescue to save a scared homeless maltipoo.

Hope For Paws fans joined me on a late night rescue to save a scared homeless maltipoo.
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If you would like to become a Hope For Paws team member, please donate $5 here: https://www.HopeForPaws.org

Thank you Bark N’ Bitches for fostering Buddy and for handling his adoption. He was already adopted, but they have many more dogs who are looking for a home: http://www.barknbitches.com

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  1. I have subscribe to your channel a while back and I never get a notification for new videos and since I'm not on Facebook which I have no plans joining since I don't want to due to reasons which I don't want to explain and I just love your videos. How do I sign up for new videos??????? Please let me know "Hope for Paws" Eldad and Loreta. Thank you very much<3

  2. That’s kinda like my dogs. I have a Frenchie and shih tzu. Even tho buddy doesn’t look like my dog but it does simpler. (Sorry if I made spelling mistakes)

  3. Hello Hope for Paws, I started a fundraiser for you guys for about $200. My friends are all donating to your rescue because I told them how wonderful your rescue really is. No need to thank me. You guys are the best ??

  4. Kinda sad that the dog was going to be given shelter but the poor disabled man wasn't. Thank you so much for doing what you could for him too, for being prepared to help in that kind of situation too, that was just awesome. No one should be homeless in one of the wealthiest countries in the world. What a cruel and unjust system.

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