Chocolate Cake By 106 Mastanamma |Country Foods

Chocolate Cake By 106 Mastanamma |Country Foods
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Christmas Special Cake By Mastanamma


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  1. Thank you Granddaughter for sharing grandmother with us all. Rest now granny for you are in the arms of the Mighty ☝..JESUS..the only True GOD there is no other…God bless you all..MERRY CHRISTMAS to all ??an a Happy New Year to come ??❤

  2. I wonder if she really knew all these dishes, or just country foods, faking for gaining publicity, the way she asked to pour chocolate syrep on cake?

  3. Grandma left all her cooking skills to her granddaughter. I know she watching down… at all her loved ones. Her cooking will linger on. In her granddaughter cooking. BEAUTIFUL❤ Love you grandma!! Rest easy! Rejoice!

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