Another Video of People Saving Animals Lives

Another Video of People Saving Animals Lives
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New Video of Real Life Heroic people rescuing and saving animals from uncommon troubles, giving them new lives.
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Please Give Credit to Original Owners of the videos.These Videos CC BY are used in this compilation : This Video Will TOUCH Your HEART ? REAL LIFE HEROES: People SAVING Animals :
??People Save Animals – Real Life Heroes planet [ cats , dogs, lion , snake, pit bull , buffalo ] saving dog from python saving turtle from net Woman saves dog Saves cat from road animals saved heroic people heroes saving animals

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  1. First rule of thumb when filming someone/something … always make sure you can see the subject and not a chimney stack!!! The bloke in the orange shirt saved a cat but us who are watching couldn't see until the very end.

  2. would have given you a thumbs up but the music was so grating. I appreciate the lack of shitty pop but this is barely an improvement.

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