WTF MOMENTS ON THE ROAD and ROAD RAGE 2017 Caught on Dash Cam, Epic Retarded Drivers Fails 2017 #647

WTF MOMENTS ON THE ROAD and ROAD RAGE 2017 Caught on Dash Cam, Epic Retarded Drivers Fails 2017 #647
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WTF MOMENTS ON THE ROAD and ROAD RAGE 2017 Caught on Dash Cam, Epic Retarded Drivers Fails 2017 #647 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. NEVER go up the inside of a heavy goods when turning also some accidents could be avoided if people paid more attention to whats going on around them not just in front of them

  2. This isn´t about ROAD RAGE. Well some small part yes, but overall mostly about ROAD IDIOTS. Is there any driving skill requirements in Russia at all? It doesn´t look like that. I´ve driven in Italy and it´s a nightmare, but I wouldn´t dare to drive in Russia at all. The idea in traffic isn´t to be first or fastest in all situations, but to get from point A to point B safely and healthy taking in account other drivers and pedestrians as well and also do it in a reasonable time. I´m not on the slow side of drivers, but even in my standards this is ridiculous!

  3. I always enjoy these kinds of videos but please stop using the word "retarded" in your titles or descriptions until you look it up in the dictionary and understand what it truly means. Using that word in your titles is an insult to people that literally have the condition. thank you for your understanding and patience for reading this comment.

  4. That first video isnt wtf or road rage. It only takes two brain cells to realize that truck's brakes failed. What, you think he just barreled into traffic for a prolonged period of time, avoiding vehicles to the best of his ability before plummeting off a bridge because he was sad? Makes no fucking sense. Brakes failed. Case closed. Guess its ultimately just lazy titling, but hey still a cool video. Anything to distract me from all my cousins losing their familys over DACA's repeal. Talk about a buzz kill. #MAGA #LIZARDPEOPLE

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