Chocolate Burfi || for orphans | Easy Chocolate Fudge | Nawabs kitchen

Chocolate Burfi || for orphans | Easy Chocolate Fudge | Nawabs kitchen
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Tasty Chocolate Burfi Recipe for orphans | Easy Chocolate Fudge | Nawabs kitchen


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  1. I love this channel aap boht achae logh ho. I was a bit sad tho to see at the beginning of this video a quote from Mother Theresa why do you think she was a kind good person? Do your research she was an evil cruel Albanian dwarf many many suffered at her hands she wouldn’t allow medication to ease the suffering she said to suffer would bring you closer to god which is a load of bull shit because when this bitch was ill she went to the best clinics and hospitals. Many died needlessly she also reused needles without sterilising it angers me that there are people out there who think this sick evil bitch was a good human simple she was cruel and sadistic. Millions were donated to her and the cause only a small amount was spent on the dying most was deposited into the Vatican banks the Pope is a fucking disgrace covering up for paedophilic practices amongst his churches. All bitch Theresa wanted to do was was convert as many people to the Catholic Church. Please think next time before you put up a quote from that sick twisted bitch she was evil not good. Learn for yourselves open your eyes!

  2. Nawab sahab hum sy kuch nahi hota lakin itna to kar saktai hai ki Allah aap ki jaan ki maal ki izzat ki hifazat farmai mazid Allah aur izzafa farmai Allah aap ko sahat tandurusti atta farmai aur dono Jahan ki qamyabi atta farmai

  3. Nawab sahab Allah aap ko itna day ki aap sy sambhala nahi jasakai aur aisai hi app hamarai mulk Kai mustaqbil(future) par lagaya karai chuqi bacchai mulk ka mustaqbil(future) hotai hai

  4. Nawab Sir you are doing very good job may God bless you and give you more happiness in your life and also a big thanks to g.v krishinah for contributing their good effort to this such a noble cause . Hats off to you Sir may God fulfill all your wishes.

  5. Its absalutely a pleasure to see you cooking such nice dishes for these Children,i always get emotional to see these innocent faces in the beginning,you are doing a superb job Bhai, nothing can be better than serving the humanity, your recepies,very practical and can be replicated easily…May god be with you and these lovely children always…

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