STUPID DRIVERS and EXTREME ROAD RAGE 2017 (Taiwanese edition)

STUPID DRIVERS and EXTREME ROAD RAGE 2017 (Taiwanese edition)
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STUPID DRIVERS and EXTREME ROAD RAGE 2017 (Taiwanese edition) – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. I actually found Taiwanese drivers actually not too bad, I rode a scooter there and the only bad ones were taxi drivers and elderly people on scooters who didn't obey the laws. I found Taiwanese were much better than drivers in Thailand who are much more aggressive don't obey many tragic laws at all.

  2. 這就是得罪別人的效果。真是無風不起浪。我是臺中人。 儘管紅到國外了自己臺灣人也不應該讓國外人看不起我們。我們是有體面的權利的呀。

  3. Idiotic driving at its best by both guilty drivers and victims. Funny thing is you will rarely see any road rage unless it involves gangsters w/bats. Incidents like these happening in western countries often involve brawls or gunshots.

  4. 1. Slow your car when you drive through the intersection / cross walkings / narrow roads / crowded places.
    2. Keep in distances at least 5-10 metres behind the vehicle in front of you when your speed's below 30 km/h (ideal condition).
    3. Don't cut the long white border line and obey all traffic signs.

  5. Poor guy getting attacked in the truck…was it gang related? I had a friend from Taiwan and he said there's a growing number of gangs. I'd love to visit Taiwan though can't be anywhere near dangerous as America.

  6. Yup. This is Taiwan. There are many reasons for poor driving. 1. Nobody here is actually taught how to drive. They are taught how to pass a road test by, essentially, cheating on a closed circuit, not the open road. 2. Education here does not focus on common sense or thinking for yourself. So if nobody told you NOT to do something, you will likely do it. 3. Saving face. People here will go well out of their way to save face, even if it is someone else's. They do not like to be embarrassed and they do not like to cause embarrassment. 4. Defensive driving? What's that? 5. Too many people, cars, scooters, motorcycles, pedestrians, etc. in one small place with not enough cops to enforce laws. They literally pick a traffic violation a month to enforce. Then they enforce the shit out of it for about a month. For example, if they are enforcing the "no-right-turn-on-a-red-light" rule, you can literally ride past them with no helmet and they will let you go. 6. Face again. If someone does get called out for doing something stupid, they will often come out swinging a mini aluminium bat or some other weapon. They then feel entitled to do the same stupid shit again and again. 7. Riding without a helmet is about $20 Cdn. Running a red light is about $90 Cdn. And so on. All that said, you do get used to it. Regardless, I always ride with a helmet cam.

  7. I used to kind of like this country, but it's sadly a dying one, one that's decaying quite rapidly in the past few years being caught in the power struggle between US and china. Even sadder is the fact that most people are oblivious, and the rest just don't care since they tend to be quite a shortsighted and greedy bunch, not to mention poorly educated in regards to road safety.

    With the economy and their identity going down in the shits the government have even less reason to care about "trivial matters" like road and public safety. So ya, if you're coming to asia, I'd just skip this one.

  8. Even when there aren't crashes, Taiwanese driving is ridiculous. I was in a taxi today, the driver in the left lane (a four lane road) an idiot waiting to turn left moved halfway INTO the oncoming lane, blocking the taxi, THEN the idiot starts honking. Where is the cab supposed to go when the right hand lane is still full of traffic?

  9. 8:45 – Mediocre drivers are the worst in Taiwan, assholes who "think" the price and make of the car determines right of way.
    9:00 – Nice save. That's a rarity.
    9:40 – Kudos to the guy on the scooter. Make that idiot move.

  10. 5:54 – Rule #1 of Taiwan driving: as soon as another car is behind you, it ceases to exist and you can change lanes with impunity.
    8:20 – Stereotypes of drivers by the car they drive are usually true. But every stereotype of those blue truck drivers is ALWAYS true.
    8:35 – I rewound and looked. There is NO SIGN of that scooter until too late. The driver never had a chance, and he's not even speeding.

  11. 3:05 – Two idiots, each pretending not to see the other.
    3:35 – I've been in Taiwan for years, and people STILL ask me why I don't own a scooter.
    4:40 – No turn signal, AND the idiot moved to the right hand side before turning left. Genius.

  12. 1:10 – Filthy butthead smokers. No wonder they're violent.
    1:30 – "I'll pretend I don't see him, and he'll stop!" Then it doesn't. And they wonder why there are so many crashes here.
    2:15 – THIS is why you never get out of your car. If they're violent, you can use your vehicle as a weapon or get away.

  13. Hi lam aTaiwanese.Taiwan has more car accidents Bat why is the film goin g to youv side?
    嗨 我是台灣人 台灣車禍比較多一點 但為什麼會傳到你們國外去?

  14. Gooks can't drive to save their life then come to USA and wreck people's cars and try to run or blame the victim I've pitted quite a few that tried cutting me off and sent two off the road into a nice barrel roll and one bastard straight into a tree at 60mph and recorded him crying and begging to be pulled from the wreckage. I found my front plate and drove away he deserved what he got for almost killing my family

  15. 您好..請問是否可以下載您的短片當做交通規則上課教材使用,,影片內容不做任何變更,,謝謝

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