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  1. Okaru vanta chayandri ra babu chandalanga unaru andaru che .hate to cu guys i think ur channel ia going to close soon if u dont stops cooking kukalu la tintunaru

  2. Very nice video .. keep uploading country boys food .. I really like Indian cooking your videos also help me to learn and cook recepies for my wife!

  3. So there's a lot of hater's commenting and if you simple simple minded people don't like this don't fucking watch it it's just like Howerd Stern a great amazing Radio genius I mean GENIUS he is and always will be number one in radio and his little movies too people hat hat hat him don't fucking watch what it comes down to is YOU ARE THE SIMPLE MINDED PEOPLE WHO RUIN OUR LIVES LIFESTYLE SIMPLE MINDED FUCKING SISSY'S TALK YOUR SHIT IN FRONT OF A MAN YOU WON'T LIKE THE OUTCOME remember you getto people these people are real and perfect

  4. I have now watched several of these videos and I love every one. your grandma is a true chef and I love watching her cook. she happily makes me think of my grandma and the cooking traditions of my family when I was a child.

    cultures may vary, but the joy of cooking is without language 🙂

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