Best Restaurants in Los Angeles – BIG KABOB PLATTER + Must-Eat Food Tour in LA!

Best Restaurants in Los Angeles - BIG KABOB PLATTER + Must-Eat Food Tour in LA!
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When Chef Liz and Will invited me to hang out with them and go to some of their favorite restaurants in LA, I was very excited. We set off to eat some amazing food in LA area including tacos, Armenian kabobs and Chinese savory pies.

Featured in this video, and huge thanks to:

Liz Johnson:
Will Aghajanian:

Teddy’s Red Tacos:
Armin from Mini Kabob:


Teddy’s Red Tacos – The first place we ate on this best of Los Angeles food tour is Teddy’s Red Tacos. First of all, Teddy is such a friendly down to earth guy who is passionate about birria, one of my favorite Mexican foods. Serving out of a food truck, we ordered the mixed plate of birria tacos, his made with beef. It was extraordinary, and great to hang out and meet Teddy as well.
Mixed plate – $10

Beijing Pie House – Next we drove East to the Beijing Pie House, another one of Liz’s best favorite restaurants in LA. We ordered a mix of dishes including a variety of dumplings and the highlight was their tripe salad laced in Sichuan pepper oil. If you’re looking for some Northern Chinese dishes, Beijing Pie House is well worth the drive from Central LA.
Total price – $55.70

Mini Kabob – There was one more huge meal we had to eat on this best restaurants in LA food tour. We drove to Glendale where there’s a large population of Armenians, and we met up with Armin, son of the owner of Mini Kabob. Immediately I loved the place, family run, just a small little shop with a few tables, and an ultimately friendly place. They welcomed us in and Armin took care of us from the start, fixing us a mixed meat platter with a little bit of everything. The Armenian kabobs were spectacular, as were all the different salads.
Huge platter – thanks Armin!

Heroic Deli – Finally, to end this restaurants tour of LA, we drove over to meet my friend Jeffrey who is starting a deli in LA called Heroic Deli ( Barbara prepared us their signature OMG classic Italian sub, which was unbelievably good and well balanced. When they open in Santa Monica, be sure to stop by for a fantastic sandwich.

Thank you to Liz and Will for taking me around to some of their favorite restaurants in LA, I had an amazing time!


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  1. Looks good.. I love Mexican food. but he didn't have no gloves on.. sorry I don't trust strangers preparing my food with their bare hands…

  2. Mark I hate you whenever I watch your videos my mouth usually become full of water during that time I have no control on my appetite ? well I like your videos and I've almost watched your all videos .i know that you come to Pakistan but I think you didn't visit most places .ill suggest you to visit again in future there are many places where you can find unique and delicious Subcontinent foods

  3. Comments 2,476* When I was in LA, I was so skinny, that a 3 days flight could almost have ruined my figure, lol! So I was mostly living from Coke and tuna sandwiches, which tasted great because on a high energy level your senses are sharpened, and I was hungry. I occasionally got invited to eat out, but I always was so distracted by the interest in my company, that I didn`t give too much attention to what I ate. I remember that at a restaurant with view at the beach in Santa Monica, I liked the warm bread and butter as an appetizer very much. As a European I missed crunchy bread, which was impossible to get in my neighborhoods. In a shopping mall I ate the best cake of my life, but it was an Italian recipe. Those Italians in Hollywood not only have great taste in cooking, their apartment is very beautiful and reminded me of a visionary dream I had lately after I was doing a week long ritual, going through the labyrinth of town. I saw this wall, but in an Antarian Conversion with an additional meaning. I knew Mark is working on a higher dimensional level, he is very inspired. This journeys can serve me as a mirror of resurrection, reflecting the contents of my soul. You Tube is adventurous, these vlogs are not only Performance Art by using real contents, the audience can participate in comments and be a coauthor of the game. It is a higher dimensional artwork, which is liberating, because it helps the evolution like the classical journey of the hero. There is divine intervention, there is an epiphany and maybe apotheosis. And some people can go crazy about it, thinking they are psychotic when they descend into the inner world of fantasy, the communication of ideas with ideas, which is the life of the after world, the beyond, a partially chaotic and even hellish sphere of our soul, we need to transform to get to the kingdom of heaven in our aura, the realm of God, the cosmic consciousness, our source. Copyright: "The Perfect Vision of Aurora"  2019 Liberation Performance Art of the (Universal) Constituent Assembly (R)Evolution, with the highest rank in nations, taken over by tyrants* Mythopoeia of the Cult of the Rising Sun*

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