Amazing Michelin Star THAI FOOD at Le Du | Asia's 50 Best Restaurants

Amazing Michelin Star THAI FOOD at Le Du | Asia's 50 Best Restaurants
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Best of Bangkok food tour with The Hungry Tourist:
Thank you to Chef Ton of Le Du:

Le Du is one of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants and a Michelin Star restaurant in Bangkok by the talented Chef Ton. I’ve been friend’s with Chef Ton for a while, but this was my first time to eat at Le Du, so I was very excited.

In 2018 Le Du is #14 on Asia’s 50 Best:
Michelin 1 Star Restaurant:

During the Best of Bangkok Food Tour with The Hungry Tourist, Puppup, and Mark Wiens (myself), one evening our entire group ate at Le Du, and all of us were impressed by Chef Ton’s skill at re-interpreting Thai dishes. It was an amazing meal.

Here are the main dishes we ate at Le Du Restaurant:
Wild seabass, pomelo
Banana prawn, kale, coconut
Grouper, kale, chuchee curry
River prawn, shrimp paste rice
Grilled pork “khao kha moo”
Free range chicken
Coconut panna cotta, charcoal ice cream

People featured in this video:
David (The Hungry Tourist):
Chef Ton (Le Du):

Thank you to Chef Ton for an amazing gourmet Thai food meal at Le Du, I would highly recommend Le Du for a special, unique, and seasonal Thai fine dining experience.

Thank you to The Hungry Tourist ( and Puppup ( for arranging this Bangkok food tour and meal.


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  1. I wish I had access to more ingredients like these have. I have tried to replicate many things. What I have made, my kids have been wow'ed over. Thank you for inspiration and thank you for the access to the worlds deliciousness.

  2. LEGIT: I LOVE WATCHING YOUR AMAZING, RARE, AND CUSTOM-DISH ADVENTURES(just sad I’m allergic to crustaceans)!!!! I LIVE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH YOU, YOUR FAMILY,AND FRIENDS! Thanks again, Mark, for the view of a great few feasts.

  3. My husband and I had gone there last year and it is definitely worth it. The presentation and flavors is so good, it’s one of our favorite fancy dining restaurants. We will definitely go again when we can make another trip to Thailand.

  4. Mark, were you still hungry after the dinner? I mean the plates and bowls were big but the portion in it small, just two mouthful and that was done. I mean with your record of 5 bowls of noodles in a morning, I am pretty sure you were still hungry after that.

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