Ultimate Road Rage 2017 – Angry People & Idiot Drivers, Driving Fails on Traffic #18

Ultimate Road Rage 2017 - Angry People & Idiot Drivers, Driving Fails on Traffic #18
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Ultimate Road Rage 2017 – Angry People & Idiot Drivers, Driving Fails on Traffic #18 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!

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  1. I hope the idiot in the white print shorts went to jail, he's an A__. The numbnuts in the buick needs some anger management plus an attitude adjustment.

  2. The asshole being crazy in the Chrysler would get a big surprise from me. I live in a Castle Doctrine State in which your car is also your castle. No requirement to retreat before bang,bang!!

  3. Mini Cooper driver could've caused a head-on crash. Never pass over a solid double yellow line or a curve. He also should have pulled over at a safe place. Stopping when he did put other motorists at risk.

  4. If you thought you were being followed you should've taken several quick turns no signaling. The late '50s-early '60s were a lot better looking & most are classics. Dads '63 300J would've given yours a run for the money with a 440 w/dual racing carbs any day.

  5. attention all idiots that think they own the road Do you know that there are cameras every where so why do you insist on acting so stupid when you. are going to lose your ass

  6. On the 7th day God rested. Having rested on that seventh day, God labored to create the “Perfect Assholes”, and these are just a sample. ??

  7. Typical bad mannered yanks..so much anger..danger to themselves and others…I bet they feel right twats when they see themselves…can't even call them women their monsters..who would want to be with that

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