Pizza |King Size Chicken Pizza For Orphan Kids | Nawabs kitchan

Pizza |King Size Chicken Pizza For Orphan Kids | Nawabs kitchan
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King Size 100 kg Chicken Pizza For Kids | Nawab’s Kitchen


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  1. Making food with a smile makes every day special…. I see you more humble than anyone else… I mean any other channel like yours… I don't find Grandpa good now because eats the food before served to the children… And very less amount of food is given… I said this on his channel so they replied "can you compare yourself with Grandpa?" And " we serve more than 100 children"… Bt that doesn't make sense if they don't get their tummy full…. I see Nawab's kitchen (sorry i don't remember the name) giving a good amount

  2. M fro United States , i alws watch ur video not only cooking recipes also with natural smiles and way u talks , feeding orphans, , Mahasalla nawabs sir,

  3. MashaaAllah Allah pak aap ko iska ajar de😋 May Allah bless you in this life and in hereafter , I had tears in my eyes. I salute to your humanity 👏

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