Abandoned Dog Rescued- AMAZING TRANSFORMATION! A Happy Ending Heartwarmer.

Abandoned Dog Rescued- AMAZING TRANSFORMATION! A Happy Ending Heartwarmer.
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►Abandoned Dog Rescued- AMAZING TRANSFORMATION! A Happy Ending Heartwarmer.
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►A passerby was out for a walk in Laurens, South Carolina. when they spotted a dog chained up outside a house, lying motionless on the ground.The dog’s skeletal frame made it hard to believe that the animal was alive — but against all odds, the dog was still breathing.
They reported him to animal control. Officers quickly arrived on the scene, freed the dog from his heavy leather collar and chains and rushed him to a local vet.
Volunteers with Rescue Dogs Rock,heard of the dog’s shocking condition, and immediately knew they had to help.
And Champ transferred to a nearby clinic where he could get around-the-clock medical care.
“He was in terrible shape and he needed an immediate blood transfusion,”…

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Thanks : Justice for Champ page
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  1. អរគុណ គ្រូពេទ្យណាស់ដែលបានសង្រ្គោះសត្វឲ្យមានជីវិត្តរស់ឡើងវិញ ?

  2. She should b caged n left with no food n water in the same amount of time. Prisoning her will do her no good, she would b housed n well fed in prison. I hope she will b rot on earth as it is in hell.

  3. I hav a request to those who unliked this video, if u dn't like this then just stop seeing it bt pls dnt unlike this video.. if u can't encourage these people who r showing humanity to all creatures then leave it bt dont try to discourage them.. pls

  4. How can anybody be so cruel? Mankind has been given power to help other living beings, and not to torture them, they should be meted out with the same punishment.

  5. Thankyou very much for helping the dog God bless you and all your family members. I will perform prayer in your faviour. May our Lady and our God give the wisdom to gilty person and fest of Him amen

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