INSANE Pakistani Food VILLAGE WEDDING! – 4000 PEOPLE ULTRA RARE + BREAKFAST Street Food in Pakistan

INSANE Pakistani Food VILLAGE WEDDING! - 4000 PEOPLE ULTRA RARE + BREAKFAST Street Food in Pakistan
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INSANE Pakistani Food Village Food Wedding!!! Today, we’re going for an ULTRA RARE Pakistani Village Food WEDDING FEAST!! Our good friend Ali is inviting us DEEP into the outskirts of Islamabad, Pakistan, to a village WEDDING and a HUGE Pakistani Street Food BREAKFAST!!

Pakistan is an AMAZING country full of delicious Pakistani Street Food and also Pakistani Village Food!! Today, we’re driving out to a very special 4000 person Pakistani village wedding.

First, Ali and I are driving out to a local Village outside of Islamabad for a Pakistani street food Breakfast. Here, we found some street side Paratha, Chicken curry, lassi, and a super sweet curd. After tasting this meal, I’m convinced that Street food in Pakistan is some of the BEST in the world!

After that amazing street food breakfast, we’re driving even deeper into the countryside for more village food. After some amazing scenery, we arrived at the famous Malik Sahab’s home, which was a huge mansion and was a sight to see itself. Malik Sahab invited us out to a huge wedding in a village with 4000 people!

As soon as we arrived at the wedding, we were in awe of the huge size!! There must have been 500 or 1000 tables and a massive tent full of horses dancing and people celebrating. It was a sight to see!

The best part about the Pakistani wedding was the food, all of which was cooked in the back, desi style. It was like upgraded Pakistani street food! All of the dishes cooked for the wedding are common on the streets of Pakistan, but here, upgraded with more flavour and better quality and also much bigger!

The famous street foods of Pakistan were all here, like Chicken biryani with tons of masala and local spices, beef korma with thousands of green chilies and spices, mutton korma with EXTREMELY tender mutton that was worth attending the wedding for, and a super famous Pakistani street food, the halvua semolina pudding, except here, it was UPGRADED with extra nuts like cashews, almonds, and more!! It was fantastic!

And as soon as we made our way into the wedding tend, we witnessed a very special tradition in Pakistani culture, the horse dancing. There must have been 4 or 5 horses all dancing at the same time, bowing to people, and livening the atmosphere.

After this, the huge decks of Pakistani Biryani and beef korma and mutton korma were brought to the back of the tent, where we watched all the action happening, like the scooping of the spicy Pakistani curries into individual portions and served to the thousands of people ready to taste the delicious Pakistani village food wedding feast!!!

There is much more street food in our Pakistani food videos series, get ready for the playlist of a lifetime!!


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  1. Who else is starting to get annoyed by this tour guide trying to be part of every video rather than just let these vloggers work like they work everywhere else… Independently!

  2. Wana taste that beef korma, mutton korma, halwa everything they prepared. It looks so delicious. I m from Northeastern part of India called Manipur. ?

  3. That's Awesome mahn ..I hope india Take over Pakistan someday soon ?
    I just want to eat Mutton korma , biryani , halwa any other things There .

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