Greatest Fights in the Animal World | Earth Unplugged

Greatest Fights in the Animal World | Earth Unplugged
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Buffalos, hares, wolves, polar bears… Discover the top 5 most tense animal fights and chases from Natural History!


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Welcome to Earth Unplugged! We make films about the incredible natural world, we investigate the conundrums, quirks and beautiful science of our amazing planet, delving into the BBC vaults and mixing it up with our own stuff to take a brand new look at Earth.

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  1. Hey there check out the playlists I have made. I collect the best animal interactions, information, facts, and soon docuseries. All species birds, reptile, mammal, fish, etc.. I have my own exotics on there as well. Last of course animal attacks on rude people. I avoid animal cruelty videos so if you see any let me know. I am collecting this for animal rights.
    To educate the public on why animals do what they do, why each species is so important.

  2. How are wolfs chasing a hare considered the greatest fight of the animal world?
    Fight: take part in a violent struggle involving the exchange of physical blows or the use of weapons.

  3. I'm so confused I watched simon for years and they never intervene with wild life but yet he went to help the baby cheetah. I'm glad he did but never saw that happen

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