Frozen Animal Rescues | The Dodo Best Of

Frozen Animal Rescues | The Dodo Best Of
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When people found these animals frozen solid and trapped in ice, they dropped everything to bring them back to life. As we say goodbye to winter – let’s take a look at some incredible frozen animal rescues!

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  1. Once I was going to school my big brother goes before me my mom said their was a dog under my chair in my front yard she said that my brother said that it was a boy I thought it would go when I went to school but it was still there when I got home I already had dog food because I have 2 dogs and sometimes I will let in my backyard and play with my 2 other doggy’s I kept feeding it and giving it water every day. My moms best friend had 4 children and one of them loved her but one day when I was going to school she wasn’t there my mom said that the girl who loved her said that she saw a man and she said he might of took her we thought it was his because we knew it had an owner because she had a green call or so I wish I know how’s she’s doing now but sadly I don’t let’s just hope she went to a good home

  2. These people are amazing!! I'm so glad the animals are safe.

    Just in case you ever find an animal frozen to the ground/ice, don't use warm/hot water! Just use room temperature or even cool water to melt the ice, it will still melt. If you pour warm/hot water on a freezing animal you could send them into shock or cause burns. Like when your hands are cold and you put them under hot water, it hurts!

  3. I saw a vid on 9gag, this drunk russian dude double hand smashed his way through an icy pond where a dog had fell into. He only had shorts and Vodka and the cold was nothing to him.
    i was amazed.

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