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Sometimes animals badly need human’s help
especially when their lives hang in the balance.
Enjoy 7 unbelievable animal rescues.

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  1. A very long time ago my sister found a baby kitten abandoned outside in my backyard and she ran up to it just before the dogs outside did she rescued the kitten and we named her Cc we already had a cat inside our house called Cecil they became friends but now Cc is already big and furry and she's also a beautiful cat.

  2. that made me cry soooooooooooooooooo much last time my family and I saved a dog that had not eaten for like a week or five days so we took her and gave her a lot and lot of food she ate it all in five minutes we kept it for a day then my mom took it to the shelter??????????????????????

  3. I am a total fan of animals they mean a lot to me when ever there in trouble I try saving them myself because I don't know you guys number so can you guys please tell me p.s I saved a dog that was stuck on a big big tree so I climbed up carefully and I'm a really good climber anyways so I see the dog and it almost bit me but I wouldn't let it bite me I couldn't help either because I a little far away from home sooo I tried to calm the dog down with food that I had sorry forgot to mention the food anyways ummmmmm oh yeah sooo I gave the dog food and calmed down fast!!!!!.so then I grabbed the dog and climbed down carefully so the dog and me wouldn't fall.afterwards I got down make sure what breed was it what gender is it if it's injured or if it has flees but it wasn't injured, and it was a boy, and the breed is a Labrador and that doggy was not heavy at all p.s it was a puppy either ways so mean.I took home finally I told my mommy and daddy then we made sure it didn't have flees and soo the puppy was safe we took it to the vet just to make sure and the puppy was all healthy sooooooooo I decided to take it home with assss my own you hear me as my own anyways ? ? .I took it home and I decided to name it Mello as marshmallow of course but for short you can also call him Mello!.I named him that because he looked liked a little kinda fluffy marshmallow p.s when ever you touch Mellos fur it kind of feels fluffy !. Soo he's now my forever puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW I'm 11 years old I'm in 5th grade and my name is luisa ok bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!

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